Scott Gould

Author "The shape of engagement"

SCOTT GOULD is the author of The Shape of Engagement, and expert on how people
engage with ideas, brands, organisations, and each other.
A former church pastor, Scott champions the cause of real connection in a world
where so much is only skin-deep. As a popular speaker, he inspires audiences with
the authentic and humorous story of how he went from socially uncomfortable
young man to someone who discovered how to engage anyone, anywhere.
As a consultant he has advised some of the world’s biggest brands and oldest
organisations on nurturing highly engaged customers, employees, and communities.
His book deconstructs and demystifies engagement through a series of shapes, based
on nine years of research and almost 20 years of experience, across sectors as diverse
as aviation, education, government, startups, and of course, religion.
Scott is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and UK Chair of the Enterprise
Engagement Alliance. He is also a poet, has a young family, and controversially, does
not like cat memes.

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