5 days of immersive learning
Everything about User Experience Design

30 OCT - 03 NOV, Bucharest


UX Days is an immersive, educational experience, designed to empower UX practitioners or aficionados with not only critical knowledge about UX Design, but also with essential information on how to manage UXD in the real world, from corporation to startup.

The curricula is packed in 5, distinct, full-day modules:


User Experience Fundamentals

Designing for people, we need to understand people. In this one day program we'll get an overview of UX methodology as a Human Centered Design (HCD) process. We'll look at the big picture, an overview of existing processes across the different mediums. Where we were, where we are, where we're going towards.

Then, we'll try to understand what drives people, from a psychological standpoint, understand the human decision process and existing biases.

UX Research

How do you do research, when, and why? In this 1 day program, we’ll understand how to look at problems, how to create assumptions, challenge them, choose the right research tools, and apply them correctly. We’ll understand the difference between qualitative and quantitative research, and how data triangulation is necessary when validating anything through research. We’ll also tackle what to do when research is apparently not an option - no budget, lack of time, no belief in it.

From Problems to Solutions

How do you move from research towards building a solution? In this 1 day program, we explore how to choose the right problems to solve and what it takes to come up with lots of ideas. We learn how to build personas and journey maps, to help guide design decisions.

Building products

You’ve done your research, you’ve identified pain-points and you know what problems to solve. How do you build a solution, a product or a specific feature of outstanding quality? Throughout this day we’ll explore how to sketch and wireframe and how to build prototypes for higher fidelity user testing, to validate fundamental design directions. Then we’ll look at user testing results, try to understand them and improve designs based on that. Once the prototypes are validated, discover how to support the development process, how to measure results post-launch

UX in real life

What does it take to be a successful user experience designer in real life? Whether you’re working for a startup, a corporation, a unicorn, a UX team of one or part of a large design team, this one day program will guide you through the challenges that exist everywhere. From working agile to working lean, dealing with conflict, selling the design to upper management, influencing strategy, collaborating with product owners and business analysts, and more. This workshop will tie together all areas studied in previous modules and give you hands-on information that you can apply to your day-to-day job in order to advance the design practice in your working environment.



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